"My OS - The New Human Operating System is the future of Human Experience."

Design Your Reality

The power to turn specific memories on and off gives you control over your state of mind, perspectives, choices, actions and values. 

Unleash the Genius

The ability to create specialized neural networks in your brain alllows you to select multiple ways of increasing intelligence.   

Enrich Your Senses

Increasing the density of information your senses activates results in an incredible sensation of being alive, energized, and love in every moment of life. 

What would you do if you had admin access to the control panel for your brain?


With over 20 years of research we have developed hundreds of regulators for you to enhance biological functions to optimize your health, performance, skills and character.

Your Memory is the Key to Everything

Cellular memory, genetic memory and personal memories all play a pivotal role in generating the concept of who you are.

An Exploration of Self Discovery

If you can use memory to modify anything about you, who would you want to be ?

Your imagination is your limit!

My Personality

Extract any personality traits you want from your past to enhance your character today. 

My State of Mind

Clear out unwanted mindsets  and generate any state of mind you desire. 

My Looks

Convert cellular memories to rejuvenate your skin, get a natural facelift, and design the ageless look you've always wanted. 

My OS utilizes Your Senses and Body Motions for Commands

My OS - Blink App


The My OS Blink App uses Blinking to control the processing of memories.  

Literally, with the "Blink of an Eye", you can transform your reality!

Experience Life as a Waking Dream

Life will feel like a dream come true as your senses awakens. The stress of life fades away and every day begins to feel like a new adventure.